Maybury Montessori Nursery Classes


Our curriculum includes the Montessori method complemented by the Early Years Foundation Stage guidance.


The Montessori method encourages the child to enjoy the process of learning. It does not introduce the competitive drive of other curricula and yet leads each child to develop their full potential. The ‘failure to keep up’ approach is avoided by the thorough observations that the teachers make.

Creativity in the Classroom

It is our belief that instigating creative learning at an early age encourages imaginative thinking throughout childhood and beyond. The implementation of creativity into early years education encourages the child’s understanding of other people.

In creative play the child is able to adopt roles of others which will awaken their awareness of the feelings of others, so introducing the child to the concept of empathy and compassion.

Giving a child access to creativity not only enhances their communication skills but also lays the groundwork for the growth of problem-solving and reasoning skills.

We know that the environment plays a big part in fostering creativity in young children. At Maybury Montessori, our job as adults is to keep the environment interesting by providing, alongside the Montessori equipment, creative experiences and materials that will capture the child’s curiosity.

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”